Guide: Promoting your business with Derbyshire Gazette

Advertising your business or organisation using Derbyshire Gazette is easy! It’s completely free of charge if you’re running a business or organisation that’s based in Derbyshire. 

If your business is based outside of Derbyshire then you can still use our paid for service. Banner advertising is readily available – so please call us with your requirements.

We reach out to thousands of people each month and our stats always show an upward trend. Additionally, we’ll also send out a post (at least twice monthly) to both Twitter and Facebook. Once you’re published you’ll also be able to keep everyone updated in the form of news articles. 

If you would like to promote your business or organisation throughout the UK please follow these simple guidelines set out below:

Describe Your Business


Derbyshire Gazette will choose the Page Heading. We’ll do a little research first to try to get the search engine optimisation right before we publish.

However, we encourage you to use headings quite regularly as it helps with the ranking. Start with the Main Heading. Then we suggest that you add your content using Sub Headings regularly along the way.


This is where you get the chance to shine! Tell everyone about who you are, where you are based and what you do. We’re going to need a minimum of 300 words. 

You can add as much text as you like. But remember to add those Sub Headings along the way if your text is more than a few short paragraphs.

Your content must be your own! It also has to be original. This means that you won’t be able to copy it from your own website or any other parts of the internet. Search engines don’t like to see copied text and will penalise those that do. So it’s completely counterproductive to take shortcuts. If we find text that has been copied then we’ll give you the opportunity to make changes.


Visual Media

We really welcome images or video. It’s good for your business and good for us too. So if you already have a YouTube channel or promotional video’s online do please let us know. Remember, images attract, so be sure to include plenty of your own (see more details below).

Contact Details

It’s important if you are promoting your business to include all the relevant contact details so that we all know how to get in touch.

Try to include all of the following:

  • Contact Name(s) – If people want to contact you who will they ask for? Perhaps you’re not happy giving out names then make it a department such as ‘customer services’. We recommend using names if possible as it will encourage communication. 
  • Address – Let people know where you are based. If you are a mobile or online business, you should still include your address for our records. With online or mobile businesses we can simply include the town where your business is located. 
  • Telephone Numbers – Include your landline number(s) and also include a mobile number if you are out and about.
  • Email Address – Always try to include an email address it will be one of your main points of contact. We can re-direct traffic to your contact form if you prefer.
  • Website Address – If you have a website address then include it. Many will click through to learn more about who you are.
    If you don’t have a website then you may consider calling us to discuss the benefits of having one. You will also find that it actually won’t have to cost you a fortune. You’ll be very pleasantly surprised. Also, get in touch if you feel that your website needs a facelift. 
  • Social Media – Include all your social media links. Not forgetting your YouTube Channel if you have one.


Example of a header image.

Images are important because they catch the eye. If you have appealing images, you stand a greater chance of drawing attention to your business. Pinterest exists purely on the strength of images.

  • Logo Image – Your company logo can be included on your page. So don’t forget to send us a copy if you have one. 
  • Header Image – If possible try to choose an original image that’s not been circulated on the internet before. The size of this image should be a minimum of 1920px x 1080px (a ratio of 16:9). If you would like us to overlay your logo, please specify and then attach this too (or give us permission to lift it from your website).
  • Small Images – If your descriptive text is more than a few paragraphs, try to include a couple of smaller images so that we can include them amongst the text.

What Next

If you have followed these guidelines, then put all the text into an email and attach the images separately. Send your email to and we’ll take care of the rest.

Please call Alistair on 07484 758162 if you have any questions.

Downloadable version:
Microsoft Word – Promoting your business with Derbyshire Gazette

Adobe PDF – Promoting your business with Derbyshire Gazette