A Guide To Promoting Your Derbyshire Business

At Derbyshire Media, we are committed to promoting and advertising your Derbyshire Business. We have to be! It’s a huge part of our own business and we’re getting good at it. 

We develop positive relations for our members both nationally and globally.  Don’t miss out on an opportunity to add growth to your business!

Membership Benefits

Firstly, and most importantly, being a member means that you get a full page advertisement on www.derbyshiregazette.co.uk. This gives you the opportunity to tell others about your business and what it is that you do. Whilst at the same time providing contact details and links to your website and social media.

Before we publish your page we’ll go through it to make sure that it stands a fighting chance at ranking well on search engines. Then, when we’ve published it we’ll promote it too.

We do this by regularly pushing out a post on our social media so that people become aware of your Derbyshire Business. Being social media, like it or not it will be seen around the world.  

Also, we list your membership here on this website. This may not appear on the surface to mean much. However, it does provide you with an inbound link (See ‘Ranking Your Local Business – Inbound Links’ by David Mihm).

There’s more! Having added your advertisement, your page is then regularly promoted from our social media. We’ll do this for you continuously throughout the year. At the time of writing this article, we are earning 7.4K impressions a day just from one of our Twitter accounts. 

Content Writing

We’ve had professional writers send us content for submission. However,  even though it has appeared to be well written and very informative it just wouldn’t do the job for online content.  Why? Because it’s read by a machine. This means that those clever search engine guys have sat down and worked out a mathematical algorithm which insists that your content conforms to certain rules.

If you don’t go along with these rules, then you simply won’t rank. That’s the thick of it!

It’s good to read a well written aritcle

Don’t think of this as a negative thing, it’s not. In fact, its a really positive approach. For example one of the rules states that a sentence should not exceed a certain amount of characters. That’s a good thing right! Who wants to read a sentence twice over because it was so long it couldn’t be clearly understood on the first read.

We’ll help with the content

I’ve written to this point and I’m being informed that I haven’t included any images in my text. Also, that my keyword density is very low. There’s no meta-description and that I don’t have any internal links. Now, if I don’t address these issues then this article won’t rank so well. So let’s address those issues and with any luck, this article should rank really well.

You may not have the tools to show you where you can make improvements on your content. Consequently, we may have to make a few changes to your content to improve its ability to rank but we promise not to hack-up your work. Changes will be subtle. 


So here’s the image showing the frustration felt when trying to get your brain around Search Engine Optimisation. At least, to start with.

Now, let’s deal with the internal link and this you may actually want to visit because it’s a ‘Guide: Submitting your details to Derbyshire Media‘. It’ll walk you through exactly what information you should provide us with before we can publish your content.

One thing that should be mentioned when writing your content is the number of words you can use. Many of our members have thought that it’s really important to keep it short and to the point. When actually that’s not the case. In fact, to rank well it should be at least 300 characters long. So, when you want to tell us about your business remember that you have a whole page we recommend you use it. 

Keywords are Key

Finally and most importantly. Before you begin to write about your business think of three or four words that most aptly apply to your business. These will be your keywords. String them together as part of a sentence and use them in your title. 

Make your initial sentence punchy. It’s going to be the description of your search engine results. Make sure you also include that string of keywords here too.

Then re-use that same string of words 3 more times in your subsequent paragraphs. 

Now your cooking on gas! 

A Guide To Promoting Your Derbyshire Business
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A Guide To Promoting Your Derbyshire Business
At Derbyshire Media, we are committed to promoting and advertising your Derbyshire Business. We have to be! It's a huge part of our own business and we're getting good at it.
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