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Many small businesses simply don’t have the time or resources to be making changes to the design of their website. They often prefer to use that time to create new posts and pages, whilst leaving the designs to others. It’s much easier for them to simply pick up the phone and request changes to be made.

The same applies to the development of a website. Developing or changing features can include skills that may not be available in a small business.

Consider your options!

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Website Design & Development Services For Your Business

I design & develop websites for businesses of all shapes and sizes, but mainly for small businesses. This can be anything from a basic one-page banner website to a content management system which includes e-commerce.

Anything from small changes to the design of your website to more complex changes to the development of your site. Such as adding an e-commerce facility so that you can start to sell products or services.


You are able to keep the costs down because you are being charged by the hour for the work you require.

You can request bespoke changes to your website.

Once your project starts I will focus my time to your requests. This means that you get the job done quickly.

You have a personal interaction so that you can contact me anytime to discuss additional requirements.

Under normal circumstances, I would prefer to visit your place of work to discuss your requirements. However, due to Covid restrictions, this may not be possible. As an alternative, there is no reason why we shouldn’t discuss your ideas over the phone or on video conferencing.

You obviously won’t want to see the development of more complex changes being made on your live website until they are complete. So I would recommend putting a copy of your website on a staging server so that you can watch changes taking place before they go public. You can then give the go-ahead, only when you are completely happy with any design or development changes being made.

Some typical reasons why you may want to make changes to your website

  • Branding
    You may have decided that it’s time to add branding to your website (and social media for that matter). Or you may simply want to implement re-branding.
  • Replace and Outdated Design
    You may feel that your existing website design is a little tired looking and want to update it to something cleaner or more vibrant. You may even have received complaints on how difficult it is to read or navigate.
  • Limited Growth Potential
    Websites grow! Your provider needs to allow you to expand when you require it. If you can upgrade your package to include more digital real estate or add more domains then you may need to move away.
  • Security
    Providers should have systems in place, such as firewalls, that can be relied on to protect their servers from hackers and malware. They should also provide their clients with facilities that allow websites to be protected.
  • Features and Practicalities
    If your hosting provider doesn’t provide you with the practical tools to make creating websites easily then again, it may be time to migrate. cPanel with the access it provides, as well as one-touch software installs and access to the root of a website or database access.
  • Efficiency for Ecommerce
    Nearly 80% of shoppers will not return to an online store if they had issues with speed. The more efficient a website is for eCommerce, the more money it will make. This includes everything from speed to security practices.
  • UI Experience
    If you are struggling to get things done when you log in to your account because your user experience is just not helpful, then consider another hosting company. You shouldn’t have to pay for a bad experience.
  • Customer Services
    When you have issues with your website you should be able to get a response from customer services quickly. There should be a live chat facility available during normal office hours and a ticketing system in place that is responded too in a quick and helpful way.
  • Backup Service
    Most hosting provides provide a backup service but can they provide you with the frequency that you need. Possibly you want to back up once a day rather than once a week/month.

Do I need help to migrate my WordPress website?

The answer to this question is subjective. You need to be honest with yourself with regard to your IT experience.

Do you have the ability to install a WordPress plugin? Do you have the ability to create and restore a backup of your website? Are you able to transfer email accounts over to a new provider without losing any emails?

Even if you can answer these questions positively do you have the time or inclination to do it yourself?

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