WordPress Migration

What you should know before moving your WordPress website

Is it time to move on?

It’s probably a good idea to make a plan before you decide to jump into migrating your website to another hosting company. You should be convinced that it’s a good idea and just like any migration process you are moving on to something better.

If you have an annual contract with your current hosting company that has recently been renewed are you prepared to take the hit and lose a large proportion of your payment?

Why you should consider changing your hosting provider

Whoops! You made a mistake choosing your first web hosting company. They made you promises that they simply didn’t keep. Like a lot of business transactions, there is an element of trust that goes with your choices. Unfortunately, some web hosting firms abuse that relationship.

Let’s look at some of the practical reasons why you should think about changing your current hosting provider.

  • Outdated Hardware
    IT companies need to keep their hardware up-to-date otherwise they get left behind. If their customers lose out because they are not getting the performance that others are providing they will walk away.
  • Limited Bandwidth
    The more people there are visiting a website, the greater the potential for making money. Unfortunately, not all providers can keep up with the increasing traffic.
  • Limited Growth Potential
    Websites grow! Your provider needs to allow you to expand when you require it. If you can upgrade your package to include more digital real estate or add more domains then you may need to move away.
  • Security
    Providers should have systems in place, such as firewalls, that can be relied on to protect their servers from hackers and malware. They should also provide their clients with facilities that allow websites to be protected.
  • Features and Practicalities
    If your hosting provider doesn’t provide you with the practical tools to make creating websites easily then again, it may be time to migrate. cPanel with the access it provides, as well as one-touch software installs and access to the root of a website or database access.
  • Efficiency for Ecommerce
    Nearly 80% of shoppers will not return to an online store if they had issues with speed. The more efficient a website is for eCommerce, the more money it will make. This includes everything from speed to security practices.
  • UI Experience
    If you are struggling to get things done when you log in to your account because your user experience is just not helpful, then consider another hosting company. You shouldn’t have to pay for a bad experience.
  • Customer Services
    When you have issues with your website you should be able to get a response from customer services quickly. There should be a live chat facility available during normal office hours and a ticketing system in place that is responded too in a quick and helpful way.
  • Backup Service
    Most hosting provides provide a backup service but can they provide you with the frequency that you need. Possibly you want to back up once a day rather than once a week/month.

Do I need help to migrate my WordPress website?

The answer to this question is subjective. You need to be honest with yourself with regard to your IT experience.

Do you have the ability to install a WordPress plugin? Do you have the ability to create and restore a backup of your website? Are you able to transfer email accounts over to a new provider without losing any emails?

Even if you can answer these questions positively do you have the time or inclination to do it yourself?

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