Website Design & Hosting

Our  Focus is on Small Businesses and Organisations based in Derbyshire

The reason we focus only on Derbyshire based websites is so that we can build a relationship with our clients. Because we are located in Derbyshire we can offer you a personalized service if needed. 

Whilst most of the work involved in setting up a website can be done over the phone or by email correspondence. Sometimes, especially if your website is an eCommerce site, then it’s better to meet up and discuss the details through. This way we can get a feel for the type of business you run and exactly what your reactions are when we offer suggestions for design.

In turn, this means we can also keep our costs low. Which is good news for you. Right?

The Design Of Your Website

About a third of all existing websites in the world are using WordPress to build their websites. Its been that way for quite a few years too! With that kind of popularity, as far as we see it that’s the way forward. So all of our websites are created using the WordPress CMS. 

A WordPress website will allow you to add, edit and delete your own pages for your website. You can choose from a massive selection of free themes and there are also those you can pay for. When you’ve chosen your theme, its simply a matter of adding your own images and content to present a striking presentation to your audience. 

WordPress Plugins

Let’s not dive into the technicalities of the design process. However, you should know that there are plugins available for WordPress which are for the most part free that you can use for all sorts of applications. Actually, at the time of writing this article, there were 45,000 plugins available. This means that if you have an idea for adding some kind of functionality to your website then there’s very likely to be a plugin available to make your life easier.

Here are just a few examples that may give you an idea of how plugins can help. 

  • Contact Forms – Allow you to easily create forms on your website. These can be simple forms or complex depending on your needs.
  • Create Events – If you regularly hold events then there are plugins which allow you simply to add the required details and they then appear on your website as consistently designed pages featuring all the dates, times, locations etc.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – This is a difficult subject to master and its also constantly changing. So rather than deal with all the required issues yourself, there are plugins available to help you out here too.
  • eCommerce – A few years ago setting up an online store would have been an absolute nightmare. Now you simply add the required plugins and you can start adding your own products.
  • Newsletters – Want to send out regular emails to promote your business? Yes, there are plugins for this too. 

A Little Assurance Goes A Long Way

Before we hand over your website we make sure that its all set up to be backed up during the night so that it can always be restored. It’s a rare occassion for a website to go down but if its not backed up it can be a very costly event. 

Your Email Setup

All you need to do is let us know what email addresses you would like us to set up for you. Now you have a website your email address(es) can be set to your name followed by your domain name. For example 

Helping you along the way!

Unlike some other website designers, we won’t just hand over the website and take your money. If your website is a success it’s good for us too! So, for the first year, we’ll support you. Furthermore, we’ll support you without extra charges.

If after the first year you still feel that you would like our support then yes naturally we’ll charge you a small fee for this. However, we don’t do well on this side of the business though because it’s generally not required.

Hosting Your Website

We can host your website for you with prices being very competitive and comparable to other hosting companies. All our websites are hosted on the cloud. Not only that, your website will come with an SSL certificate to give you that extra peace of mind knowing that you have that extra security to protect you from site attacks. Google is heavily promoting the use of SSL at this time and recommends all websites have an SSL certificate. So when you have one Google will actually rank your site higher simply because its safer for people to use.