Using WordPress to Redesign your existing website

If you take an honest look at your current website, are you happy with its design and functionality?

Why Consider A Website Redesign Using WordPress

There are many reasons why you should think about re-styling your website. The main reason would surely be, first impressions. If your website doesn’t have appeal, then visitors will very quickly slip away. If you are in any doubt of this then you can check for yourself using google analytics.

Then again, it’s not just about the way your website looks. It’s also about user experience. You’ve probably been on many websites where you just can’t wait to click away. Broken links, slow loading pages, bad content, annoying pop-ups, too much action and the list goes on. I guess it’s a case of, you get back what you put in!

A very real reason for having a WordPress redesign is if you have a static website and you’re not able to make changes to it. Then this should be your primary reason for moving forward. Websites all need fresh content otherwise they lose themselves into the depths of search engine ranking, never to be seen again.

How many boxes can you check?

  • My website is modern and stylish and looks great
  • My pages load really quickly
  • My website is responsive so it looks great on any device
  • All my links, buttons work properly.
  • My content is up-to-date and I add to it regularly
  • The back end of my website makes it easy for me to add awesome content
  • I can make a change to my website anywhere in the world with an internet connection


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