YouTube Video Production

Increase your sales with your own YouTube Channel

Why You Should Have Your Own YouTube Channel

Sharing YouTube videos on your website means your audience gets more content. Whilst the trend of Vlogging is soaring right now it’s time to rething your stratergy.

Improve Your Brand Awareness

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If you have your own branded products then it goes without saying that you want others to be aware of them too. YouTube is an ideal platform to do just that. You can take your time to deliver a great pitch on what your products are about and how they compare with other brands.

You can also include your own experience and why you decided to create your own brand. You believe in it right?

You can create a short video, just like a TV ad, or give your viewers more to go on. The choice is yours.
You can be the star of the show! If that’s not what you want, then you’ll no doubt know someone who will be happy to do it for you. Alternatively, you could even bring in a professional.

Considering the astronomical amount of video’s being uploaded to YouTube every hour you shouldn’t really expect your video to be an overnight success. You can, however, improve awareness by including some quirkiness, zany attitude, humour, perhaps even a little crazy. Sounds odd right! People just seem to like that.

Include your Brand Awareness footage with a few Content Marketing videos and you can what your following grow.

YouTube And Content Marketing

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This is less about your brand and more about the products you sell. So, for example, if you sell kettles then create a video about the five best selling kettles. You’ll want to describe the quality and its build materials, its dimensions, impact on the environment, practical use, care and maintenance, the list goes on. You’ll need to keep away from the hard sell.

Rather, taking a more subtle approach allowing the viewer to make a choice. Tell the view that they can see links to these products below the video. It’s likely they will be grateful for that, and will often be happy to check them out.

Another method is to do a How-To video. For example, if you sell components to make rubber roofs then create a video on ‘How to install an EPDM Flat Rubber Roof’. Again you are not doing a hard sell you are simply showing the viewer all the products they will need to complete the installation. If you add the links to the products below the video, the view may be converted to a buyer.

Reasons To Get Started With Your Own YouTube Channel

Order this package and you’ll get all of the following:

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet, after Google, with more than one billion unique visitors each month.
  • You can drive more traffic to your website with your own YouTube videos.
  • YouTube videos perform better on search engines than blog posts or web pages and from other video platforms.
  • If some of your visitors enjoy watching your YouTube videos, then they will certainly come back for more.
  • YouTube offers the simplest way of putting your videos on the web. All you need is good content. 

How I can help

With a little prior consultation, I can set up your new YouTube Channel. Then add the channel to your website.

Then it’s just a matter of adding your newly made videos to your channel.



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